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Sleeper extreme sleeping bag from snugpack

This sleeping bag has been designed to keep you extra snug during the cold temperatures of winter. This site also offers even more great winter camping products, including sleeping bags designed to keep you warm at temperatures of -15 degrees and below.

Pocket warmers

A classic: these nifty gadgets have been loved by campers, ramblers and outdoor workers alike for decades. They can be popped in sleeping bags, socks and of course pockets to add a little bit of extra comfort and warmth whenever needed. A must for winter camping. Get 40 pairs here for £18.99

Panini press cooker

There’s nothing more comforting than enjoying a warm meal, by the warm campfire during a cold winter evening. With this sandwich toaster you can enjoy delicious, hot sandwiches whenever you like, all inside the comfort of your campsite.

General purpose trailer hire

We also have a range of trailers that are suitable for a variety of other uses.

Household waste

If you have a lot of extra household waste that you need to take to your local recycling centre, hire one of our trailers for the day. Using a trailer will make it far easier to load and unload your rubbish, and prevent the interior of your car from getting damaged or dirty.

Furniture and heavy items

Trailers are a great way to safely and easily transport larger items such as household or garden furniture. The point of load is lower than a car boot, making it easier for you to load your cargo, the items can also fit safely inside the trailer without obstructing the driver’s vision as it may do in the boot of a car.

Trailer hire Manchester

In need of a trailer? Here at The Peter bowman towing centre we have a wide selection of trailers available for hire. Whether you need a trailer for the day, or a looking for more long term hire, we can provide the perfect trailer for your needs.

Camping Trailer Hire

If you’re heading on a camping trip this winter, make sure you’re fully prepared. Camping trailers are a great way to carry extra cargo and as winter camping typically requires more equipment, hiring a trailer for your trip is a great way to transport it!

Why use a camping trailer?

Camping trailers can either be used to carry extra, luxury camping items, or the bulk load of your camping equipment. Whatever you want to utilize this extra space for, using a trailer provides you with an easy loading solution that can make your trip much more enjoyable.

Make the most of that extra space

We recommend keeping warmth and comfort in mind when packing for your winter camping trip. There are many cool camping gadgets out there, loved by year round camping enthusiasts to help keep you super comfortable on your next trip.

3 cool winter camping gadgets to try out

Camping gadgets
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